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December 24 Letter from Fr. Pedro Rubio to the Community on Christmas Day, 2007

My dear brothers and sisters: The Child Jesus wants to come to us once more in order to give us everything that He can and desires to give us: the Kingdom of His Most Holy Divine Will! He suffers and agonizes for the desire to give us His Kingdom which many of us do not want to receive but reject It. Let us say "YES" to Him, let us give Him our unconditional yes in order to turn the agony of His Sweetest Divine Will into triumphant Love and into a party worthy of God. May our Sweet Mother, Mary Most Holy, confirm us in the Divine Fiat. Fr. Pedro Rubio hdv. Hijos de la Divina Voluntad.

August 27 Italian version of the Community’s website

It is with great joy that we announce to all of you that On the Feast Day of the Royalty of the Most Holy Virgin Mary, we have published the Italian version of the Community’s website. Seven days after the Feast of the Assumption of the incorrupt virginal body of the Most Holy Virgin Mary into Heaven, the Church echoes this festivity with the celebration of the Feast Day of the Royalty of Mary, which seems to be the logical continuation of the other. Mary, being the Mother of Jesus, the Redeemer and the Lord of the Universe, partakes of the sovereignty and royalty of Her son, who is God, and can rightfully say: “All power has been given to Me both in Heaven and on earth.” (Mt 28,18).

On this special day for the Sons of the Divine Will, in which we call to mind Mary the Queen of the Divine Will, we also celebrate that through her intercession, we have made available in Italian, the website of the Community. We hope the Italian version of our website will open new communication channels with our brothers and sisters in Italy, the location of the Holy See and native land of the Servant of God, Luisa Picarreta.

We begin by publishing information regarding our Community with the intention of gradually including new materials.

Let us thank God and the Most Holy Virgin Mary, Queen of the Divine Will.

August 15 Solemnity of the Assumption

Barranquilla, august the 15th 2007.- The feast of the Assumption of the Most Holy Virgin Mary is the main feast of our Community. It is the feast of the triumph of the Divine Will reigning in a creature "in Time" from the moment of Her Immaculate Conception to the moment that She enters Heaven in order to continue the Eternal Celebration of Her triumph in the Celestial dwelling. Mary was not only conceived immaculate but She also remained immaculate throughout the rest of Her life.